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Until Monday, June 8th, when Daily Mass resumes in the Church, and June 13/14 when Weekend Masses resume, sustain your Faith individually and as a family by orienting your personal spiritual journey and that of your family to deepen our dependence on God and his Divine Mercy. There are many available resources,  but here are a few suggestions:

Check our Dynamic Parish/Free Resources menu, which has good ideas for children.

Watch weekly Sunday Masses celebrated by our Diocesan Clergy in English, Spanish and Vietnamese on the Diocese website. To access them, click here. Videos are uploaded every Saturday at 5:00 pm.

Watch Daily and Sunday Mass from our Holy Family Chapel by clicking the link on the Nativity Home Page (Daily Mass will no longer recorded after we resume in the Church, but Weekend Masses will be available for those remaining at home). Please note that Sunday Mass continues to be dispensed by the Bishop until further notice.

Pray the Rosary individually and/or as a family. This perfect prayer takes about 15 minutes and is simple for children, teens, and adults alike. You can find information here from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. They also publish the readings for Sunday and daily Mass in both English and Spanish. Watch a video reflection on the readings or listen to them as they are proclaimed by clicking here and following the prompts.

Take advantage of our Parish subscription to FORMED, an online Catholic resource of movies, documentaries, Scripture studies, faith formation videos, eBooks, podcasts, and more which has resources for children and adults in both English and Spanish. This service is provided as a ministry to our parishioners at no charge!  To sign up, click here and when the FORMED Home Page opens, click the Sign Up button. On the next page, check 'I belong to a Parish or Organization' which will take you to the Create a New Account page. Enter Church of the Nativity (several will drop down, so please be sure to click on the correct Nativity) which will bring you to the New Account page. Click Next and follow the prompts to sign up.

The  WeConnect Parish App is an excellent and convenient resource for staying in touch, and you can find our Daily Mass video and the readings of the day there. To get it, text ParishApp1 for Apple or ParishApp2 for Android to 555888, or look for it in the App Store.

Click here for EWTN livestreamed Sunday Masses

Click here for Catholic Extension Masses

Deacon Jim recommends his all-time favorite Catholic teacher Bishop Robert Barron.  Some of his links:
On the Coronavirus Quarantine
His Masses
His Word on Fire website

Deacon also suggests the following:

The awesome videos of Archbishop Fulton Sheen’s television shows, excellent for old and young, Catholic and non-Catholic. You can purchase his entire audio library here.

The six Signs of Grace videos from FORMED (see above to sign up)

THE BEST explanation EVER of Divine Mercy (and St. Faustina) is from an amazing, persuasive, engaging young Sister of Our Lady of Mercy, Sr. Gaudia Skass.  She's kind of fun to watch, and her message is mind-boggling


Adam's Return: The Five Promises of Male Initiation  by Richard Rohr. This book is about SO much more than "male initiation", although it will help anyone raising young men today.  I took seven single-spaced pages of notes listening to this book. 

Larger-than-life people have been baptized ("initiated") into the path of spiritual maturity. The five mesmerizing promises? Life is hard.  You are not that important. Your life is not about you.  You are not in control.  You are going to die.
Available as an audiobook, Kindle, and paperback:

Discovering the Hidden Reality  - A Journey Into Christian Mystical Prayer, by George A Maloney, SJ.
Drawing on the fascinating perspective of the Desert Fathers, the first half of this book really opened my eyes to the truth and actuality of the world of Spirit - the Trinity in general, and Jesus specifically.  The second half, practicing mystical prayer, I haven't mastered.  But this book is SO worth it, even for just the first half!

Invisible Scars: How To Treat Combat Stress and PTSD Without Medication, by Bart P. Billings, PhD
A startling book on mental health from our own Nativity parish community member, Dr. Bart Billings.  This is captivating and important reading.

Please remember to continue to support your Parish and School financially. Even though public celebration of the Eucharist is suspended here at Nativity and throughout the Diocese until June 8th (Daily) and June 13/14 (Weekend Masses), our ministry is alive and Parish life continues. Operating expenses continue to accrue as the Parish and School offices will remain open, employees need to be paid, those who are hungry need to be helped by way of our Food Pantry, and more! Offertory Envelopes or checks can be mailed to the Parish office at P.O. Box 8770, Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067. To support your Parish regularly without using Offertory Envelopes (or to make one-time gifts on a weekly, monthly or annual basis) the Faith Direct Electronic Giving Program is available, use our church code CA288.