Faith Formation K-8


For the remainder of the year, Faith Formation classes will be online using My Catholic Faith Delivered.

If you'd like help accessing our classes online, please contact the Faith Formation Coordinator, Mrs. Amanda Telles at [email protected].  



Fr. Minh Do and the catechists at Church of the Nativity wish you a warm welcome to our Faith Formation program. We hope that you find all the information you need here and, if not, please do not hesitate to call or email us!

Children's Faith Formation
The Church of the Nativity invites all children and youth, baptized or not, to participate in the catechetical program. Faith Formation is designed for children in grades K-8 who are not currently attending a Catholic school.

The goals of Nativity’s Faith Formation are:

  • Ongoing conversion to Jesus Christ
  • Full participation in the life of the Catholic Church
  • To foster community among the students, their families and the Parish community

Program Overview & Calendar
Faith Formation usually takes place on Sundays during the school year and takes off most weekends corresponding with school holidays. Here is our 2019-2020 calendar. (For the remainder of this year, we will follow a similar schedule online. Please contact the Faith Formation Coordinator with any questions.)

First Communion and First Reconciliation
In union with the Diocese of San Diego, there is a two year process to prepare students for First Holy Communion, which begins in First Grade and completes in Second Grade. We also have an option for those who wish to begin their First Holy Communion journey post first/second grade.

To register for our program, please email the Faith Formation Coordinator Amanda Telles, at [email protected]