Registration Faith Formation

Faith Formation 2022-2023 Registration is now open!

We are accepting all students in Preschool - Eighth Grade.


Click "Registration for Continuing Families" if your child has been previously enrolled in our program. If you are new to Nativity Faith Formation, please click "Sign Up for New Families."




Program Overview & Calendar

Nativity Family Faith Formation 2022-2023 classes take place from 10:00-11:15 a.m., immediately following the 9 a.m. Mass. Families are invited over to the Holy Family Activity Center for coffee and donuts at 10:00 a.m. From there, catechists will pick up kids for their lesson and parents are invited to stay for our adult program. Please see the Faith Formation Calendar for more details on class dates and special events. Go to the Registration Page on our church website to enroll today! An online option for home schooling families will be hosted through My Catholic Faith Delivered. You can select this option upon registration. 


First Communion and First Reconciliation

In union with the Diocese of San Diego, there is a two year process to prepare students for First Holy Communion, which begins in First Grade and completes in Second Grade. We also have an option for those who wish to begin their First Holy Communion journey post first/second grade.


Home Based Catechesis/ Home Schooling

If attending Faith Formation at Nativity is not possible due to an extenuating circumstance, we are happy to help provide curriculum and a guide for parents to instruct their children at home. Please contact the Faith Formation Coordinator for more details, [email protected] Click HERE to see the diocese website and rationale for partnering with the Church to educate your children in the faith.


Registration Payment Information

Tuition is $130 for one child for the entire year. There is a 20% discount off tuition for additional siblings. 

There is an additional fee of $95 for children recieving their First Communion, which covers additional materials and photography for the First Communion Mass.

Tuition helps cover the cost of books, supplies, activities, and related expenses. All materials needed for the classes are provided. Full payment is necessary for enrollment. However, no child will be turned away for financial reasons. Parents that volunteer in the classroom are eligible for discounted tuition. Please contact the Faith Formation Coordinator to inquire about pricing.



All parishioners are eligible to participate. If you are unsure about your status as a parishioner, please inquire at the church office prior to registration by emailing Lourdes Barton at [email protected] or by calling 858-756-1911.



The deadline for registration Sunday, September 4. YES! Late sign-ups are allowed, but there is a $25 fee for signing up late. Since we are ordering individual supplies, material and books for each child, please sign up as soon as possible so we can have everything ready by the start date. 

 If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Faith Formation Coordinator at [email protected]