K-8 Registration

Faith Formation 2021-2022 Registration is now open!

We are accepting all students in grades K-8 for our fully In-Person or fully Online prorgams. 

Click "Registration for Continuing Families" if your child has been previously enrolled in our program. If you are new to Nativity Faith Formation, please click "Sign Up for New Families."







In-Person Program

Our in-person Faith Formation program will take place on Sundays from 8:50-10:05 am. Classes will be hosted at the Nativity School, utilizing spacious classrooms and a beautiful outdoor setting. Weather permitting, catechists have access to outdoor areas to host classes. Our program will be abiding by local guidelines concerning Covid-19 procedures in the classroom. Though guidance may change in the following days or month, it is the current recomendation that any unvaccinated person will be required to wear a mask while indoors. Students will be provided with a sanitized workspace, individual supplies and learning materials. 

Online Program

Our online program will include self-paced online lessons that students can do from home. Online lessons will he hosted through My Catholic Faith Delivered, an online religious education program using the Faith Our Life series by Ignatius Press. Each lessons includes a reading, prayer, video, and post-assessment. Families who opt for the online option will be able to self-pace instruction, working ahead in order to accomodate busy schedules. Quarterly progress reports will be sent by email and a certificate will be issued upon completion of the program. 

Looking for Volunteers

In order to provide lots of fun, hands-on activities to our students, we are in need of parent volunteers. Duties will include helping with set-up and assisting children in activities. A tuition discount is offered for volunteering. Additionally, we will record your volunteer hours in our parishioner files as a gift of time and talent to the Church of the Nativity. If interested, please contact the Faith Formation Coordinator, Amanda Telles at [email protected] 


Tuition is $130 for the first child for the entire year. There is a 20% discount off tuition for each additional sibling. Tuition for children receiving First Communion is $225, which covers additional materials and photography for the First Communion Mass.

Tuition helps cover the cost of curriculum, supplies, activities, and related expenses. All materials needed for the classes are provided. Full payment is necessary for enrollment. However, no child will be turned away for financial reasons. Parents willing to volunteer in the classroom are eligible for discounted tuition.


All parishioners are eligible to participate. If you are unsure about your status as a parishioner, please inquire at the church office prior to registration by emailing Lourdes Barton at [email protected] or by calling 858-756-1911.


The deadline for early registration was Wednesday, September 1. Late sign-ups are allowed. Since we are preparing individual supplies and material for each child, please contact the Faith Formation coordinator before the first in-person class to confirm your child's spot in the class.

 If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Faith Formation Coordinator at [email protected]