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Dynamic Parish


Special Event just for Teens!

Dynamic Parish Consultants Nathan Crankfield and Lindsey Schrock will be leading a virtual event next to help teens navigate these difficult times. "Responding to Crisis: Slaying Resistance During the Pandemic" will identify the things that try to keep us from becoming the saint God created each of us to be—things like anxiety, despair, anger. The event will then arm teens with tools to combat these forces and to persevere in becoming the-best-versions-of-themselves.

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PRAYER PROCESS CARD can be found on the "Path to Pentacost - Resources" page of the website!


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Then print out the "Gratitude List" and

spend some time reflecting on the blessings in your life.







Online Dynamic Parish Event!

Jack Beers, Dynamic Parish Co-Lead, helps us walk through some questions that may be lingering in our minds: Do you trust in God in these times of confusion? How can you take care of yourself in a way that allows you to be more present to others? Who do you want to bring with you when we return to Church?

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