Staff Member: Paul Batchelor

Staff Member: Paul Batchelor

Paul Batchelor

Music Director/Organist
Phone: 858-756-1911 (ext. 102)
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Paul Batchelor was born in London. His adventures in sacred music began as a chorister, and after his voice changed he began taking organ lessons. On the first Sunday of Advent, 1964 he found himself seated at a small chamber organ (rumored to have once been played by Handel) in an English village church, which in turn led to over 50 years of busy Sunday mornings. After graduating in music in 1973, he thought he might enjoy a short American vacation, which lasted longer than intended while he served congregations in North Carolina, South Carolina, Oklahoma and Colorado. To keep busy during the rest of the week, he led a parallel life as an arts administrator and consecutively managed three symphony orchestras and a chamber orchestra. Eventually tiring of endless fundraising and eccentric conductors, he came West in August of 1989 and completely by chance met Monsignor Dennis Clark, who was finally able to cease wondering if he would ever find an organist for Nativity. Paul was also heard as an announcer on KFSD 94.1 FM, the sadly defunct San Diego classical music station; just as it closed in 1996 the Nativity School opened and in addition to his work at the church, Paul found himself in a classroom surrounded by delightful, well-behaved children thirsting for musical knowledge. After ten years of teaching them entertaining songs and persuading inquiring minds that the eccentric lives of composers might be worth investigation, he was happy to retire from the school and pass contented days making music for the church and keeping the singers amused.

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