(Note: This page is for information on Confirmation Preparation for teens during high school.  If you have graduated from 12th grade or are an adult looking for information about Confirmation Preparation that is done through our R.C.I.A Program.  Please go to our R.C.I.A. page.)


Confirmation Policy

Confirmation Preparation is one of the 4 parts of the overall High School Youth Ministry Program.  Starting in August 2023 there is a significant change to the interpretation of our Confirmation Policy, instituted by the Diocese.  From now on, all teens, whether they attend a public or Catholic high school, must attend 2 years worth of our Youth Ministry Sunday Topic Nights in order to be eligible for the Confirmation Immediate Preparation program that starts every February.

Confirmation Policy


2023-2024 Registration

Confirmation is part of our overall Youth Ministry program.  Registration Forms for our Youth Ministry Program were sent to all families in August 2023.


Confirmation Eligibility

In order to be eligible to enter the Nativity Confirmation Immediate Preparation Program a teen has to meet the following 3 requirements from the Nativity Confirmation Policy by mid-January of their sophomore, junior, or senior year.  Once eligible, the Confirmation Immediate Preparation Program and Retreat provide an opportunity for the teen to meet the remaining Confirmation requirements.

  1.  Baptism
  2.  Minimum age 15 + a high school sophomore, junior or senior
  3.  Mimimum of Two Years of Prior Catechesis / Religious Instruction at the High School level at Church of the Nativity Youth Ministry Sunday Topic Nights
    • If a teen has attended another parish's program for 1 year and transfers to Church of the Nativity we can give them 1 year of credit towards the Two Years of Prior Catechesis Requirement if they provide a letter from their previous parish's program director and Pastor.


Confirmation Philosophy

Confirmation is only 1 part of our overall Youth Ministry Program at Church of the Nativity.  Confirmed teens are expected to continue their participation in our Youth Ministry Program after Confirmation to continue their Catholic education.


2024 Confirmation Mass Date

The 2024 Confirmation Mass date should be given to us by the Diocese around January 2024.


For more information on Confirmation contact Mike James, Director of Catechetical Ministry, at [email protected]