Living in the 21st century has made Catholics a digital people, whether they embrace and enjoy that truth or not. But instead of viewing technology as the antithesis of faith, that perspective can be reframed and used to form faith. That’s exactly what the leading thinkers of Augustine Institute had in mind when they created a unique, parish-based evangelization program called “Formed.”
Our Parish has signed for it. Once you sign up you have the ability to access all information free of charge. .

Once on Formed.org, you will have a plethora of resources at your fingertips that can aid in personal faith formation, group study, family prayer and even home catechesis.

Because the Augustine Institute has merged with well-known Lighthouse Catholic Media, Formed users can access free Lighthouse CDs, which often include powerful conversion stories and informative studies on the theological aspects of the faith.

In addition to audio CDs, Formed offers free e-books for download in such genres as children’s, theology, prayer and devotion, practical living, parenting and inspirational. Spanish titles are also available with recent new additions. There are youth and adult fiction options as well: The Formed digital library serves a wide variety literary tastes.


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